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1st Commercial Credit, LLC roles out V1.0 Trucking Invoicing Software with Factoring

| April 4, 2019

Mobile Module allows truck drivers to log in and upload the bill of lading

1st Commercial Credit, LLC Introduces MyBizPad™ Version 1.0 Trucking Invoicing Software with an Accounts Receivable Factoring Module. The product offers real-time accounting reports that includes profit and loss statements, balance sheet, factoring balance and reserves, payables and accounts receivable aging.

In addition to invoicing, the Mobile Imaging Module allows truck drivers to log in and upload the bill of lading and any other documents pertaining to the load they just delivered directly to the portal for processing.

MyBizPad™ allows the trucking company to generate an invoice with the assignment language required by the factoring company, merges the invoice and images from drivers into 1 PDF file, emails the file to client and submits the file to the factoring company for funding all under 2 minutes.

In the event the trucking company is invoicing non-factored account debtors then the system automatically separates the invoice from the factored accounts. This allows the trucking company to post non-factored accounts as well as factored accounts keeping the balance sheet and checking account balances accurate.

MyBizPad™ is owned by My Business Pad, Inc, an affiliate company of 1st Commercial Credit, LLC

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