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AMETEK Prestolite Power Launches Cloud-Based Information Tool

| April 9, 2018

AMETEK Insight

AMETEK Prestolite Power, leading supplier of industrial battery chargers and fleet management solutions, introduced AMETEK Insight, its newest intelligence solution.

AMETEK Insight, a cloud-based ZigBee software, will be available initially through Prestolite Wireless Battery Identification Devices (WBID) for fleet management, but eventually will become a standard feature on a majority of Prestolite’s battery chargers.

The software provides users the ability to remotely monitor and manage battery performance as well as change settings, update software/firmware and monitor charges for an entire fleet without having to do an on-site visit.

“AMETEK Prestolite Power has been working toward a cloud-based solution for a long time. We carefully created AMETEK Insight based on our own engineering efforts and input from customers,” notes Jeff Harrison, Business Manager for AMETEK Prestolite Power. “AMETEK always is seeking ways to increase productivity and decrease operating costs. We believe AMETEK Insight is a major step toward solving one of today’s warehouse challenges: Keeping forklift fleets at optimal performance.”

Starting in May, AMETEK Insight will be available via enhanced WBID that allows operators to monitor battery and charger usage for an entire fleet through continuous data collection. Data is transmitted wirelessly via ZigBee radio or through DC cables to a single data point, from which that data is available for download to multiple units simultaneously.

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