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Anti-Tolls Group Criticizes Truck-Only Tolls in Rhode Island

| June 12, 2018

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The Alliance for Toll-Free Interstates (ATFI)–a national alliance of individuals, businesses and organizations that advocates for solving America’s growing transportation needs without tolling existing interstates–blasted Rhode Island’s new tolls along I-95 as well as the RhodeWorks plan as the first tolls went into effect Monday.

“Tolls on existing interstates are an underhanded tax that will negatively impact Rhode Island’s economy,” said Stephanie Kane, spokesperson for ATFI. “Increased transportation costs will affect companies’ decisions to operate and expand in the state. RhodeWorks’ “toll taxes” will hurt area businesses and ultimately lead to job losses. These tolls, and those planned for the future, will eventually reroute prosperity around Rhode Island regardless of whether these toll taxes are only levied on trucks or all vehicles.”

The group emphasized that in its opinion, “RhodeWorks’ use of tolling is the wrong way to fund transportation infrastructure and an unprecedented use of the federal exemption that is meant to repair ailing bridges. Governor Raimondo is using that lone exemption to create an entire network of statewide tolls. This has never been done before. It’s not an innovative solution; it’s bad policy.”

It also noted that “travel plazas, restaurants, convenience stores, and gas stations   operating near the interstate now face higher costs as manufacturers and shippers are forced to pay more to transport their goods by truck. This will only create higher prices for everyday consumers.”


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