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Baron Joins CCC X Connected Data Exchange

| February 26, 2018


Baron, provider of critical weather intelligence, plans to join the CCC X Connected Data Exchange to provide live and historical weather data which helps convert connected data into actionable insights for consumer and commercial applications in the automotive, insurance, and collision repair industries.

CCC X will ingest radar information and situation-specific road weather conditions and forecast data. The CCC network consists of numerous automotive OEMs, 350 insurers, 24,000 repair facilities, and other key industry players.

Weather data integrated as part of CCC X can be used for a variety of situations, including helping companies seeking to influence a driver’s behavior and decision-making on how best to avoid specific roads – or avoid driving altogether. Data on road weather conditions can be combined with driver feedback and used in driver scoring algorithms.

Baron foresees other uses including integration of weather information into vehicles as part of onboard navigation systems, use of archival weather information for claims validation of related-weather conditions, and use of weather information for commercial fleets to improve driving decisions and fleet asset management.

CCC is a leading provider of innovative cloud, mobile, telematics, hyperscale technologies and apps for the automotive, insurance, and collision repair industries. Powered by the hyperscale CCC ONE™ platform, CCC X aggregates connected data from a rich variety of sources, including beacons, dongles, mobile applications, fleet and professional devices, and connected cars. CCC X can pass that data to customers on the CCC network through software-driven workflows that serve the automotive ecosystem.

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