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Continental Awarded for ContiConnect® Yard Reader

| March 11, 2019

Continental Awarded for ContiConnect® Yard Reader

Technology giant Continental been awarded for its ContiConnect® Yard Reader digital tire monitoring platform, which was selected as one of the 2018 Construction Equipment Top 100 New Products. The yard reader wirelessly reads all Continental tire sensors in a 65-foot radius, delivering tire pressure and temperature information to a mobile-friendly web portal. It is ideal for construction fleets, alerting maintenance managers to tire issues before the vehicles leave the terminal and as soon as they return, providing time to repair punctures and creeping air loss before the casing is damaged.

“Continental provides intelligent solutions for the construction industry,” said Paul Williams, Continental’s executive vice president of commercial vehicle tires in the Americas region. “ContiConnect provides remote access to tire temperature and pressure. This is key for extending tire life, allowing our customers to achieve their lowest overall driving cost.”

This is the company’s second award for its digital tire monitoring solutions this year. The ContiPressureCheck® Solo trailer TPMS, a GHG 2-compliant solution for trailer tire monitoring, was recognized by HDT as a Top 20 product in February.

“ContiConnect is an accessible solution for domiciled fleets, such as those used in construction,” said Michelle Reinhart, Continental’s head of digital solutions for commercial vehicles in the Americas region. “We don’t charge by vehicle. The yard reader picks up all the tire sensors within range and delivers the data to the web portal. The portal sends text and email alerts if low pressure or high temperature thresholds are breached, and the trigger levels can be set by each fleet. It’s a simple way to maintain control of your tire program.”

In the longest-running awards program of its kind in the construction industry, editors from Construction Equipment magazine evaluate products introduced over the course of the year and identify the most innovative. Four criteria are considered. A winning product is an advancement in technology, such as ContiConnect®, or a new product line, a significant improvement to an existing product, or a product which increases competition in its field.

Continental’s tire monitoring system for fleet yards delivers tire pressure and temperature data using just three simple components. Continental tire sensors form the basis of all the company’s digital tire monitoring systems. They are mounted inside each tire to deliver maximum accuracy of data and prevent damage and theft. The yard reader station, mounted in the fleet yard, continuously collects data from all the tire sensors within range, an approx. 65-foot radius. The data is analyzed and displayed in the online ContiConnect web portal, which is mobile-friendly for viewing on phones or tablets. The system also triggers text and email alerts for low tire pressure or high temperature, using custom thresholds set by the fleet within the system’s operating limits.

ContiConnect® Yard Reader makes digital tire monitoring as simple and affordable as possible for fleets. The system can also be expanded with components from any of Continental’s other digital solutions, such as the ContiPressureCheck® system with in-cab display for the driver.

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