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Creative Bus Now Master Distributor for ARBOC Transit Products

| October 12, 2017

Creative Bus

To offer fleets greater access to durable and lighter transit options equipped with mobility solutions, the largest bus distributor in the United States, Creative Bus Sales, is expanding its  selection of transit vehicles through an exclusive distributorship agreement with ARBOC Specialty Vehicles.

This agreement gives Creative Bus Sales the ability to distribute ARBOC’s transit rail products nationwide, which includes its newest models that are designed for lightweight and maneuverable transportation to meet the emerging demands in both rural, urban and smart cities transport.

Creative Bus Sales will exclusively represent the new Spirit of Equess (Equal Access) bus, the Spirit of Liberty bus, and an upcoming 2018 model called the Spirit of Legacy for ARBOC.

Creative Bus Sales’ expertise in developing solutions aligns well with ARBOC’s transit vehicle offerings, which include features such as CNG and electric powertrain options as well as custom accessibility features that improve access for impaired mobility.

“The Equess has a durable but lighter weight structure and design which makes it a quiet and neighborhood friendly transit vehicle, and features that let every passenger truly experience what equal access means,” said T.J. Matijevich, Vice President and General Manager of Creative Bus Sales. “The new ARBOC buses including the Equess are the transit options designed for today’s efficient public transportation”

The low-floor, lighter weight bus is highly maneuverable for both rural and urban neighborhoods. The Equess’s lighter weight design and smaller engine also means better fuel efficiency and lower emissions. Additionally, with well designed passenger flow utilizing a single, non-discriminatory patented accessible front passenger ramp, the Equess bus allows riders of all abilities to use the same entrance. This unique feature also has faster wheelchair loading, compared to a conventional wheelchair lift.

“As America’s leading bus distributor which has consistently grown over the years, we’re confident in Creative Bus Sales’ ability to present the Equess, Liberty and Legacy to its large base of nationwide customers,” said Don Roberts, President of ARBOC.

A compounded growth rate of approximately 14% since 2006, and representing over twenty top manufacturers, Creative Bus Sales is the largest dealership in the US.

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