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Dana Demos Truck, All-Wheel Drive and Electric Gearbox Technologies

| April 13, 2018

Dana Incorporated

Dana Incorporated recently showcased its advanced driveline solutions to global automotive manufacturers during its Winter Test events in Arjeplog, Sweden, and the Upper Peninsula of Michigan

The tests demonstrated the high-performance capabilities of Dana’s AdvanTEK torque-vectoring all-wheel drive system, Spicer Electrified™ e-drive gearbox, Spicer OpTiMa central tire inflation system (CTIS), and Spicer SmartConnect disconnecting all-wheel-drive technology.

Driving over snow, ice, and rugged terrain, original-equipment manufacturers experienced Dana’s technologies under the testing grounds’ harsh conditions.  Each technology received extremely positive remarks, exceeding customer expectations.

“At Dana we’re leveraging our industry-recognized expertise in driveline engineering to develop solutions for traditional and electrified vehicle platforms that can tackle the most challenging on-road and off-road conditions,” said Bob Pyle, president, Dana Light Vehicle Driveline Technologies.  “Winter testing is an effective way for customers to personally experience the capabilities of our technologies in an extremely dynamic setting.”

Dana’s torque-vectoring AWD system combines the ultra-efficient AdvanTEK 3 system with a twin-clutch mechatronic device that can deliver up to 1,700 Nm of torque capacity to each wheel.  During the Winter Test events, the innovative solution was noted for its ability to stay cool on the rough handling track and its ability to provide improved mobility and agility in the snow.

Part of Dana’s expanding portfolio of electrified products, the Spicer Electrified™ e-drive gearbox offers best-in-class noise, vibration, and harshness characteristics and reliability.  The module, designed for multipurpose and light-commercial vehicles, has been validated with a maximum torque capacity of 4400 Nm.  Dana showed the technology in action on a battery electric shuttle bus.

The Spicer OpTiMa CTIS technology allows drivers to control tire pressure by making adjustments based on the surface on which the vehicle is riding.  Particularly advantageous for vehicles that go from on- to off-road terrains or from paved roads to an icy trail, the system can deflate tires from 40 to 10 pounds per square inch in two minutes.  The Winter Test was one of the first times Dana integrated the CTIS technology – originally developed for defense and vocational vehicles – in a light vehicle.

Also showcased at one of the company’s testing events was Dana’s Spicer SmartConnect disconnecting all-wheel-drive technology, which helps automakers reduce emissions while also increasing performance and maintaining the safety and control of the vehicle.  This system works to conserve fuel by configuring the drivetrain to operate in front-wheel-drive mode when possible, and seamlessly transitions to AWD when it detects slipping at the wheel due to roadway conditions.

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