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DAT Expands Services with Load Visibility Platform

| April 12, 2018

DAT OnTime

DAT Solutions announced the introduction of DAT OnTime, a load tracking application that enables freight brokers and third-party logistics (3PL) professionals to monitor the location and status of their managed freight using an app installed on the driver’s smartphone.

“This is a natural extension to the load board services DAT has been providing for 40 years,” said Claude Pumilia, President of DA

“As the largest and most trusted load board network, DAT hosts more than 179 million annual freight matches and a rates database of $45 billion in actual transactions,” he continued.

DAT OnTime is designed specifically for freight intermediaries, who are responsible for managing the intricacies of thousands of freight deliveries, but do not have technology on board the trucks themselves.

“For years, when a freight broker wanted to get a delivery status, the only option was to call the driver,” said Neerav Shah, VP Products at DAT. “Our load tracking service provides real-time shipment visibility, so potential service failures can be easily identified and managed proactively.”

Unlike some load tracking solutions DAT OnTime can be deployed quickly and easily, with no need for professional installation. DAT OnTime is immediately available at an affordable subscription price, starting as low as $1.00 per load, without long-term contracts or set up fees.

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