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DENSO Enhances Diesel Particulate Filter Program

| January 26, 2018


DENSO Products and Services Americas has announced what it is describing as significant improvements to its PowerEdge Diesel Aftertreatment Program.

Key among the changes is expanded coverage for diesel particular filters and coming this spring full coverage for diesel oxidation catalysts.

“We recognized the need for an all-new program as costs associated with core management rise and core fall-out increases,” says Joe Mejaly, senior vice president of DENSO Products and Services Americas, Inc. “In addition, we are employing cutting edge technology to improve both the quality and performance of our product offering.”

DENSO is also adding a medium-duty DPF/doc program with coverage for vehicles in Classes 2-6 including those manufactured by GM, Ford and Chrysler.

The company reports that the program also has improved supply capability and faster lead times with turnaround in 24 to 48 hours.


Category: Fuel & Oil, General Update, News

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