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Earth Day Tips for Fleets to Reduce Environmental Impact

| April 21, 2017

truck platooning

To help celebrate Earth Day, telematics fleet routing leader Omnitracs has shared some tips on how fleets owners can take proactive steps to reduce the environmental impact of their fleets.  

  1. Monitor consistently – Use a tire pressure monitoring system to keep your tires at the proper operating inflation pressure. Not only will this ensure your trucks are properly maintained, it will also optimize your fuel economy.
  2. Take advantage of an advanced routing system – Advanced routing systems (such as Roadnet Anywhere) help minimize the total number of miles traveled, thus reducing the total amount of fuel used. Keep in mind that a few miles can add up quickly. On average, medium- to heavy-duty trucks get 6.5 mpg. If your fleet has 100 routes a day, and you can reduce 2 miles off each route every day, that’s saving 200 delivery miles, or 30 gallons of fuel every day. Added up over a year, this eliminates more than 219,000 pounds of carbon dioxide.
  3. Embrace new and upcoming technology – Have you heard of platooning? If you haven’t yet, chances are that you will soon. This technology synchronizes braking and acceleration between pairs of trucks through the integration of vehicle-to-vehicle communications with state-of-the-art, radar-based collision avoidance systems, enabling the trucks to travel safely at aerodynamic following distances. Peloton and Omnitracs have partnered together to bring this technology to the roads this year, generating 4.5 percent fuel savings for the lead truck and 10 percent for the follow truck in a two-truck platoon.Tips contributed by Cyndi Brant, Senior Director of Product Marketing at Omnitracs and Wes Mays, Director of OEM Solutions at Omnitracs.

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