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Electric Taxis Charge to London’s Financial District

| September 5, 2017

Electric Taxis

The iconic London taxi may be a thing of the past, but with the addition of new technologies, the new versions will be greener and quieter than ever. Here’s an update: The City of London is looking at new taxi stands reserved for electric vehicles near the offices of Lloyds Banking Group Plc. and Macquarie Group, allowing drivers to plug their cars into charging stations while they await clients.

Because previously there has been a lack in recharging infrastructure for electric cars, the air quality in London has failed to meet air quality targets since 2010.

“We will be introducing green taxi ranks, these discussions are in place,” said Jennifer Ogunleye, a press officer for the City of London Corporation, on the phone. “Budgets are being signed off and further decisions are being made later this year.”

The stakes are high. Cab drivers are facing a government crackdown on pollution. From next year, all new London taxis have to be zero-emissions capable.

To encourage more electric vehicles, the City of London signed a new contract with Chargemaster Plc to install standard and semi-rapid charging points.

The 50 kilowatt stations being planned in the City allow drivers to recharge in about half an hour instead of three to four hours, making it more suitable for London’s taxis. According to estimations from the London mayor’s office, by the year 2020, the capital’s 23,000 diesel-powered taxis are estimated to produce a fifth of central London’s nitrogen oxide emissions unless there is a change.

“This will help support the creation of a critical mass of London-wide infrastructure to facilitate a shift from diesel to electric taxis,” according to the committee proposals that are due to be updated again in October.

London may need a network of at least 150 rapid charging points to cater for electric taxis in the long run, according to research commissioned by Transport for London.

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