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Fleet Drivers’ Solid Way to Keep Feet Firmly on the Ground in Icy Conditions

| December 8, 2017

STABILicers Heel

Looking for a powerful, cost-effective way to help keep your fleet drivers on their feet as they transition from their trucks to doorsteps and back again in icy conditions?

Check out STABIL, the leading manufacturer of Made in the USA traction footwear for over 25 years, now offering the STABILicers Heel.

Here’s what’s cool: The STABILicers Heel is designed for workers that repeatedly transition from trucks and vehicles to the icy outdoors, as the forefoot of the product is cleat-free for safe and easy driving while the critical heel zone is covered with cleats for superior traction.

The device can be adjusted to firmly fit boots and shoes, allowing delivery drivers and postal carriers to move with confidence when stepping out of vehicles onto ice, snow, and other unpredictable winter terrain. Plus, the STABILicers Heel is extremely lightweight, yet durable, and can easily be stored in a glove box for convenient access every time a worker is on the job.

See the product in action here.

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