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GasBuddy App Promises Discount for all U.S. Drivers on Each Gallon Pumped

| August 29, 2017


A new smartphone app from GasBuddy reportedly will provide U.S. drivers with a discount off of virtually every gallon of gas they will ever purchase.

The scale is huge.

There are more than 200 million drivers in the U.S., spending more than $315 billion on gasoline each year. Using Pay with GasBuddy, these U.S. consumers, according to the group, can collectively save $7.2 billion on the approximately 143.4 billion gallons of gas they will pump in 2017.

“Today, GasBuddy breaks new ground as a media company building its own proprietary, secure, federated payments network for the more than $315 billion spent on retail gasoline,” said Walt Doyle, the CEO of GasBuddy. “The sheer scale and focus of our installed base of nearly 70 million drivers, combined with the value and convenience we’re delivering to the consumer, should make Pay with GasBuddy a very popular choice for U.S. motorists.

“Consumers have many options in their wallet, but only Pay with GasBuddy has been truly architected with the perfect pit stop in mind.”

By working with WEX, a leading provider of corporate payment solutions and by assembling management, technology, engineering and operations talent from top companies including PayPal, Cumberland Farms SmartPay and Heartland Payment Systems, the group has serious designs on the $315 billion retail gasoline market.

How it Works

Consumers looking to save on every gallon of gas can enroll in the free Pay with GasBuddy program following a few simple steps.

  1. Visit pay.GasBuddy.com, or download the free smartphone app and click on the wallet icon.
  2. Sign up by connecting a valid checking account. No credit application is necessary, and accounts are securely connected in about a minute.
  3. When you receive your card in the mail, activate it by setting up a unique Driver ID in the GasBuddy app. Your card is now ready to use.
  4. Swipe your GasBuddy card at the gas pump as you would any other plastic form of payment.

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