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Geotab Launches New GO8 Telematics Device with Connectivity on LTE Networks

| September 18, 2017


Geotab, a pioneer in smart transportation and telematics technology, announced the launch of the new GO8 LTE fleet management device. The GO8 offers advanced GPS technology, G-force monitoring, Geotab IOX™ expandability, engine and battery health assessments, and in-vehicle audible driver coaching. 

The latest Geotab device is designed for fleet management applications and provides customers with end-to-end fleet management solutions – providing productivity enhancements, safety features and cost-savings to fleet customers. LTE further enables Geotab to offer a real-time secure transmission of data

“With the increasing demand for more sensors in more vehicles, the launch of the GO8 LTE ensures that Geotab’s data continues to be highly reliable, accurate and a trusted source for smart city and connected vehicle planning,” said Neil Cawse, CEO of Geotab.

As a commercial vehicle IoT data-analytics organization, Geotab currently records more than 1.5 billion data points daily from its connected vehicles collectively. Each data point is processed in the MyGeotab cloud-based software that has provided further insights into traffic patterns and commercial fleet activity, including the impact of both hurricanes Harvey and Irma on vehicle fleet activity, as well as fuel economy by state for trucks.  

“As a global provider of open IoT fleet management solutions, we are thrilled to partner with national and international carriers to advance the next generation of Geotab’s GPS vehicle tracking devices,” said Cawse. “The GO8 will offer our customers the advanced connectivity and longevity provided by LTE-enabled telematics.”

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