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Meet the U.S Roads Less Traveled by State

| March 13, 2018


Want your fleet to know which roads are the least traveled in the U.S.  Then Geotab may have your answer.

The company recently issued a listing of the quieter , more scenic and less congested routes, which can be viewed here.

Here’s what it did: Utilizing traffic count data from the Highway Performance Monitoring System and the Annual Average Daily Traffic (AADT) score, Geotab examined traffic across U.S. Interstates and Routes over 10 miles long to identify the quietest route in each state. To help determine the ranking of the top 10 most scenic, quiet routes, Geotab leveraged personal input of renowned nature photographer, James “Q” Martin.

By combining the data and picturesque views, Alaska’s State Route 11 was identified as the quietest as well as the most scenic route in America. In comparison to the other quiet, scenic routes that were identified, Alaska’s State Route 11’s traffic numbers are dramatically sparse, averaging 196 vehicles daily. By comparison, the remaining nine selected routes averaged an annual daily traffic of 2,976 vehicles, approximately 15 times busier than Alaska’s State Route 11.

“I chose Alaska’s Dalton Highway as my favorite scenic, quiet route,” said James “Q” Martin. “It is a road that reaches the top of the continent, and would literally allow you to see a polar bear in the right circumstances. All of these routes offer so much.”

In addition to determining the top 10 most scenic, quiet routes, Geotab identified the overall least traveled routes from each state in America. While many of these routes are “off the beaten path”, Geotab’s newly launched interactive map, which includes photos and additional insights, has also been linked to Google Street Views to help highlight the “must-sees” on or near each route, making this a great list of possible road trip destinations for travelers seeking the open road.

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