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Geowiz® ELD Now Has Full GPS Trailer Tracking & REFER Temperature Monitoring Options

| March 15, 2019

Product designed to assist drivers transporting temperature sensitive materials

GeoSpace Labs announced today that it has launched a new set of products designed to assist drivers transporting temperature sensitive materials in a refrigerated trailer (refer).

A GPS enabled tracking unit can be installed onto the refer along with a temperature gauge, and the current and historic temperatures are available for display inside the Geowiz ELD and concurrently in the back office.

“We continue to enhance and expand our core product offerings to make life easier for drivers and commercial carriers in North America,” noted Dr. David Lady, GeoSpace Labs CEO. “This month is a big month for us, with the filling of our patent concerning improvements to ELD design and automations of 49 CFR 395.1(k) agricultural exemption, to today’s launch of our new trailer tracking and refer monitoring capability.”

One of the best ELD values on the market, users of any of the Geowiz® ELD products can add integrated trailer tracking and temperature monitoring for one of the lowest prices in the industry. With full ELD integration they can manage their workflow without having to jump between different APP or technical platforms.

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