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Google Patents Glue-like Technology to Help Pedestrians Survive Driverless Crashes

| May 23, 2016

Google Patents Glue-like Technology to Help Pedestrians Survive Autonomous Driving Crashes

Under the heading of strange but potentially true, or should we say “glue,” English publication The Guardian is reporting that Google has patented a new, “sticky” technology to help pedestrians survive when hit by autonomous driving vehicles.

According to the article, which seems a bit late for an April Fool’s prank, an adhesive-type coating would be applied to the outer shell of the front of a vehicle to literally glue a struck individual to its hood.

Stay with us here.

The process is purportedly designed to stop crash victims from being hurled into other vehicles or onto the highway.

The patent description, the article noted, states: “Ideally, the adhesive coating on the front portion of the vehicle may be activated on contact and will be able to adhere to the pedestrian nearly instantaneously.”

The patent was granted by the United States Patent and Trademark Office (USPTO) on 17 May.

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