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GPS Insight Explains 4 Reasons Why Waiting to Implement E-Logs is a Mistake

| August 30, 2017

GPS Insight

GPS Insight, a leading technology provider of GPS tracking and E-Log solutions for commercial fleets, explains why waiting any longer to purchase and implement an E-Log solution is a mistake as the latest edition to the company’s Take 5 video series.

The goal of the GPS Insight Take 5 videos is to provide valuable information about Telematics and E-Logs in 5 minutes or less.

Here’s what’s at stake: As the deadline quickly approaches, GPS Insight advises business owners and fleet managers not to wait any longer to implement an E-Log solution. There are 4 major reasons why continuing to wait will lead to a number of issues for businesses.

Watch the video to learn what those 4 reasons are: Dragging Your Feet on ELD? 4 Reasons Why Waiting on ELD is a Mistake.

Ryan Driscoll, Marketing Director of GPS Insight, stated, “We understand that this mandate is a paradigm shift for the industries affected and want to ensure business owners and fleet managers understand what’s at risk if they continue to wait. We want to help as many fleets as possible get up and running quickly so that they are fully compliant by the deadline.”

Whether implementing GPS tracking and E-Log solutions for the first time or looking to make a switch, fleets can buy with confidence knowing that GPS Insight will tailor a solution to their needs. GPS Insight works diligently to provide customers with the most flexible solutions and best customer experience on the market.

GPS Insight offers affordable and flexible payment options. Contact GPS Insight today to get started before it’s too late.

About GPS Insight

GPS Insight is a top technology provider of tailored GPS tracking and E-Log solutions for businesses with fleets of vehicles and other mobile assets. Businesses work with GPS Insight to solve their unique fleet challenges through increased revenue, reduced costs, and reduced risk. Using GPS Insight, customers realize a significant increase in efficiency and gain insight into all aspects of their fleet operations. GPS Insight provides highly flexible solutions, which include a wide range of customized reports, alerts, and other innovative features that can be tailored to meet specific customer requirements and ensure maximum return on investment.

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