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GreenPower Sells First EV Star to Port of Oakland

| May 10, 2018


GreenPower Motor Company has announced the first sale of the EV Star All-Electric Mini–eBus to the Port of Oakland as an employee shuttle for on–property transportation.

Here’s what’s especially cool: The EV Star is an all–electric, emissions–free, 25-foot bus that seats 19 people, with an operational range of 125 – 200 miles on one charge and a lifetime of 15+ years.  The EV Star can also be configured to accommodate wheelchairs or mobility aids.  GreenPower has ten EV Stars in production, which are expected to be completed in June.

“The EV Star has the right range, passenger accommodations, expected service life, and price point to make this a popular choice among agencies and fleet operators who are looking to increase efficiency, cut cost, and reduce emissions,” said Brendan Riley, President. “GreenPower has commitments from customers for all ten EV Stars, and we will be commencing production on the next tranche imminently.”

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