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Guardian Optical Technologies Raises $5.1 M for “Passenger-Aware” Cars

| December 5, 2017

guardian optical technologies

Guardian Optical Technologies has announced the launch of patent-pending sensor technology for automobile manufacturers, supported by $5.1 million in Series A funding from Maniv Mobility and Mirai Creation Fund.

The company will use the funding to accelerate and expand the technological development of its new stand-alone automatic system, built from the ground up to work with automotive hardware and software. Combining video image recognition (2D), depth-mapping (3D), and micro- to macro-motion detection, the solution enables car makers to produce safer, more convenient “passenger-aware” cars.

Guardian Optical Technologies provides optical technologies that can monitor a car’s entire interior cabin with just one sensor, which protects drivers and passengers by scanning and tracking occupants and objects anywhere inside a vehicle at all times.

Working in conjunction with seatbelts, airbags, and other built-in safety systems, it detects the slightest movements, including every heartbeat in the vehicle, and identifies the location and physical dimensions of every occupant. Developed with the first technology to detect micro vibrations using low-cost, automotive-grade components, the sensor can also distinguish between people and objects. It can also detect the presence of objects without a direct line of sight, thanks to its micro-meter sensitivity.

Although it offers advanced technology, Guardian Optical Technologies’s system empowers car manufacturers to build safer cars at a lower cost. A conservative estimate puts the savings at $20 per car, which for some auto manufacturers would translate to a $200 million saving per year. The cost-effective system not only eliminates the need to install multiple sensors throughout the car, but is built with low-cost, automotive-grade sensors, using off-the shelf components, so reducing the number of components in the vehicle.

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