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Holiday Home Repairs by the Numbers

| December 13, 2015


The holidays. A time to celebrate with family, food, and maybe a few presents too. While most folks are focusing on the ‘merry’ part of the season, the inevitable question of ‘what could go wrong?’ can creep into many a mind throughout this joyous season.

Let’s face it, no one wants to cut into an undercooked turkey (thanks, oven); witness an overflowing toilet (sometimes that additional guest makes all the difference) or feel the unseasonable chill of a furnace on the fritz (numb toes, anyone?).

Unexpected repairs over the holidays can really throw a kink into everyday fun. Check out some stats on how many folks experience a ‘bah humbug’ moment when it comes to repairs and see just how far the average plumber, electrical worker, and others travel during the holiday season.

A recent study conducted by KRC research, combined with Fleetmatics’ internal data, uncovered how many people call for repairs, and their experiences with electricians, plumbers, roofers, heating companies and more.

It also revealed just how far these businesses will travel to help save the holiday season.

Read more here.


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