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Houston Communications Adds SkyBitz Solutions to its Offerings

| March 13, 2018

Houston Communications

Houston Communications, a communications, networking, and technology solutions dealer and SkyBitz, a leader in commercial IoT telematics, announced a partnership to bring advanced fleet management solutions to transportation sector companies.

HCI’s offerings include SkyBitz software solutions and services for operational oversight, vehicle and asset tracking, and powerful data analytics.

SkyBitz products and services allow fleet managers to ensure drivers maintain company standards. The  GPS products and software integration protect businesses by accounting for related expenses, safety procedures, and compliance with the law, while giving fleets real-time data to streamline operations and find budget savings.

“We look forward to helping fleets deliver top-tier service with less overhead through our partnership with Houston Communications,” says Henry Popplewell, President, SkyBitz. “HCI’s commitment to this business is evident and SkyBitz is proud to contribute its fleet management and logistics solutions to the HCI roster.”

Thorough research proved SkyBitz to be a top-performing brand, and the company’s solutions passed a strict vetting process. “Our customers have high standards, which means we have to have even higher standards,” says Keir Johnson, President, HCI. “SkyBitz checked all the boxes, and we’re excited to offer this solution to solve our customer’s problems.”

With SkyBitz technology, fleets across service sectors  can monitor temperature, fuel purchases, route conditions, routes taken, speed, maintenance, and driver behavior through an app on a mobile device.

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