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Intoxalock® Expands Drunk Driving Monitoring System

| October 31, 2014

IntoxalockIntoxalock, a company that provides alcohol monitoring devices, has expanded its drunk driving prevention technology to Mississippi, which marks the 40th state in which Intoxalock is now providing state approved ignition interlock devices (IID).

The company has already strategically placed 22 authorized installation centers across the state with continued growth to come.

This brings their locations to over 1,300 for the nation in total.

A first-time DUI offender in Mississippi is required to fulfill a 90-day license suspension, second-time offender is one year and third-time offenders is three years.

In order to continue driving or regain their license, one must obtain an ignition interlock restricted license that includes proof of installation for an IID on all vehicles.

In some cases where a court order exists, offenders may also be required to install an IID that includes a camera.

Category: General Update, Management, Safety

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