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LeasePlan USA Announces Partnership with MileIQ

| April 26, 2018


Clients of LeasePlan USA will be able to take control of their fleet’s mileage reimbursement costs through a new partnership with MileIQ, a Microsoft-owned company. Under the service agreement, LeasePlan clients will be able to leverage a new solution for employees who drive their personal vehicles for business purposes.

Through the MileIQ app, drivers will be able to:

  • auto-detect when a trip starts and ends using the phone’s GPS and accelerometer.
  • categorize trips as personal, business or passenger.
  • classify the purpose (airport, meet client, vacation, etc.) of their trip.
  • combine trips into one or more trips per day.
  • modify or delete a trip.
  • record parking and toll fees per trip.

The scale is big: MileIQ app is used by more than 4 million customers nationwide that have logged 32 billion-plus miles to date. In turn, users saved more than 60 million hours of work manually logging miles.

“This strategic partnership with MileIQ is just another way LeasePlan is leading fleets into the digital age. Not only will this partnership enable companies to more efficiently capture mileage, but it will also help control costs and the administrative burden associated with typical reimbursement programs,” said Ricardo Fonzaghi, chief commercial officer at LeasePlan USA.


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