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Michelin Debuts X One Line Grip D Drive Tire

| March 5, 2018


Michelin North America is is introducing the MICHELIN X ONE LINE  GRIP D drive tire for fleets looking to maximize driver confidence in harsh weather operating in long-haul and super-regional routes.

Available in May 2018, the new tires will meet SmartWay requirements  for low-rolling resistance tires.

The tire has a specific assignment: It’s for fleets looking to raise driver confidence in harsh weather. The company hopes that drivers and their fleets will turn to the MICHELIN X ONE LINE GRIP D. With more than 25 percent better snow traction than a leading competitive tire(3), the MICHELIN X ONE LINE GRIP D provides grip that weathers the elements.

This tire has a “three peak mountain snowflake” (3PMSF) designation for use in severe snow conditions. Wide open shoulder grooves help deliver all-weather traction for driver confidence. Available in 445/50R22.5 and 455/55R22.5 sizes, this next-generation wide-base single drive tire will meet SmartWay requirements and is greenhouse-gas regulation compliant. MICHELIN X ONE LINE GRIP D allows fleets to carry 389 pounds of additional payload versus dual-wheel applications, critical for weight-sensitive fleets(4).

Replacing the MICHELIN X ONE XDN2 with the MICHELIN LINE GRIP D and its enhanced tread compound results in an estimated annual fuel savings of $550 by (based on estimated fuel price of $2.99 per gallon)(5).

“Protecting drivers and their loads while providing outstanding total cost of ownership are key factors for driver retention, load care and uptime,” Murphy said. “MICHELIN X ONE LINE GRIP D is the tire for miles of confident driving and all-weather grip while offering the right balance of fuel efficiency, weight savings and long tread life. The latest X One introduction continues our leadership in wide-base single innovation and provides a market-leading solution.”

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