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Mullen Technologies Sets Sites on Electric Vehicle Dominance

| January 26, 2016
All-electric Mullen 700e

All-electric Mullen 700e

Mullen Technologies, which describes itself as “a pre-IPO car manufacturer and distributor,” has set its sites on some pretty big players in the electric vehicle field, gearing up to compete with Tesla and Faraday Future.

“Today begins a new era in the evolution, advancement and expansion of Mullen Technologies, Inc.’s quest to become the largest electric car manufacturer and distributor in the world,” stated David Michery, CEO of Mullen Technologies.

The company has announced the hiring Paul Saluzzi, who has 16 years of experience at Merrill Lynch, along with his expertise in the public markets.

Saluzzi has supervised over 2000 IPOs in his career, including NetFlix, HerbaLife, Hertz, Dream Works, and BlackStone Group.

Mullen Technologies has also announced the hiring of Gary Rosenzweig as Executive Vice-President. He has worked with public and private companies in acquisitions, distribution, production development and various operating integrations, as President and Producer of Rosensweig Co.

Category: General Update, Green

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