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Nano Technology in Coating Boosts Corrosion Resistance for Fleets

| January 15, 2014

Nano-clearRecent advances in nano technology have achieved substantial improvements in corrosion resistance and abrasion resistance as well as made major strides in preventing underlying paint from UV degradation, according to Nanovere Technologies.  The result could be major savings for fleet vehicles, cargo ships, trains and industrial equipment.

The company reports that its flagship product, Nano-Clear,” is the only industrial coating in the marketplace to restore, enhance and preserve newly painted or highly oxidized paint surfaces by 10 years.”

The product works by penetrating deep into the smallest pores of paint, enhancing the underlying color, improving gloss, increasing surface hardness, and dramatically extending UV resistance (99% gloss retention). Nano-Clear protects the underlying paint from scratching, corrosion, chemicals and UV degradation, while reducing surface cleaning by 50%.

In contrast, conventional one and two-component paint systems including epoxies provide good initial corrosion and abrasion resistance, but fall short in long-term UV resistance and weathering. Conventional paints begin to degrade over time due to sun damage, abrasion or chemical attack.

Nano-Clear is manufactured using proprietary 3D nanostructured polymers, which provide dramatically higher crosslink density over any conventional coating system today. Crosslink density is defined as the concentration of chemical bonds within a polymer. Higher concentrations of chemical bonds within a polymer improve physical properties.

Nano-Clear has been used with success by such organizations including the Army, Alcoa, Boeing & Accuride Truck Wheels. More information at: www.nanocoatings.com.


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