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New Commercial Rearview Camera Installs in Minutes

| September 26, 2016

 New Commercial Rearview Camera Installs in Minutes

A safe way for fleets to look forward may be by looking back, at least if your Trail Ridge Technologies, which has announced QuickVu™ Digital, a digital wireless after-market rearview camera that can be installed by the owner or dealership to cars, trucks and trailers to enable drivers to see behind their vehicle.

Product features include:

  • Simple, 5-minute installation is made possible by the truly wireless design. No special tools or skills required. No risk to vehicle.
  • Instant-on performance is enabled by the dedicated 4.3″ color monitor that maintains a direct link to the camera with very low video delay.
  • The wide angle optical system presents a sweeping view of the area directly behind the bumper and outward.
  • Reliable, interference-free video is delivered to the driver by the camera’s powerful wireless transceiver from the back of a small car or large RV—even from the back of a double trailer. Line of site range approaches ¼ mile.
  • Automatic active night vision employs both a highly sensitive imaging sensor that can see into near darkness and infrared LEDs that automatically enhance visibility in dark situations.
  • On-screen parking guidelines help the driver judge distance from obstacles.
  • Hitching a trailer is simple with QuickVu™ over the mounting ball.

The product retails for $299.99.


Category: Driver Stuff, Equipment, General Update

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