New All Electronic Tolling System for New York State Thruway

| July 21, 2014

NY ThruwayThe New York State Thruway Authority has tapped Kapsch TrafficCom (KTC) to develop, install and provide technical support for an All Electronic Tolling (AET) system.

This new system eliminates the need for Thruway drivers to stop or slow down at tolling points.

By enabling toll transactions to be completed at highway speeds, the company noted that the “AET system facilitates free-flowing traffic across multiple lanes to minimize congestion.”

Total value of this project to KTC North America is $18.6M, with an estimated service date in the 3rd Quarter of calendar year 2015.

The initial project scope includes toll zones at the temporary and permanent New NY Bridge locations, the Harriman Route 17 exits and the Yonkers mainline toll facility.

The project also includes options for future provision of AET at additional Thruway toll facilities.

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