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New Mobile App for Shippers to Post Loads to Directory of Drivers

| October 30, 2017

New Mobile App

A new mobile app called RB Freight can be utilized by shippers and carriers to allows shippers to post their loads into a directory of drivers who actively bid on jobs has just been launched.

Once the shipper accepts a bid he has the ability to track his/her load to the delivery destination via desktop, tablet or mobile device.

Additionally, DelivR is a new mobile app that provides end users the ability to coordinate local delivery of small to mid-size items. This includes retail deliveries or moving items that will not fit into your personal car or van. Customers have the ability to select the driver with a vehicle that meets their specific needs.

“Our RB Freight and DelivR apps are positioned to change the industry,” said Brian Shin, RideBidz Chief Technology Officer.

“The culmination of our works proved to be extremely successful as we unveiled our products at CTS,” said Robert Sarzo, Chief Executive Officer, RideBidz.

Both apps are currently available in the Google Play Store and the Apple Store.

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