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New Online Loadboard for Independent Owner Operators

| November 15, 2016


To help truckers across North America, particularly independent owner operators (IOOs), find conveniently located and timely freight loads through a system of loadboards,  a new entrant, XYpper, has entered what is already a highly competitive space. 

Here’s what’s at stake: A reportedly 28% percent of all trucks in the U.S. run empty every year, representing billions of profit in lost freight revenues and billions of dollars in wasted fuel. What’s more, according to XYpper, truckers, on average, sit at truck stops for three days in anticipation of booking freight to avoid driving empty, causing them more anxiety, wasted time and lost revenue.

In response XYpper has launched an app- and web-based system for the trucking industry in the U.S., Canada and Mexico, allowing IOOs and freight brokers to harness the power of web and mobile technology to connect and greatly improve efficiencies and increase profit for both the truckers and brokers.

According to the company, the XYpper app works similarly to Uber and other “sharing economy” apps by directly connecting individuals who have a need with someone who can perform a service – in XYpper’s case, connecting freight brokers who have loads that need to be delivered with truckers who are either in their geographical area or on their way.

Brokers post their load information online though a web-based portal, and truckers are alerted via the app in real time. After six years of development, a very positive 18-month beta testing period, and with more than 350 truckers and 50 brokers already signed up, XYpper is officially launching to all in the trucking industry.

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