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New Urban Driving Courses for Commercial Vehicles from Instructional Technologies

| August 31, 2017

Urban Driving

Instructional Technologies Inc. (ITI), providers of training solutions for the transportation industry, has announced a series of new Urban Driving courses designed for a variety of vehicle configurations, including light-duty, medium-duty truck and articulated commercial vehicles.

Because driving in urban areas is considered among the most challenging and stressful jobs in trucking and requires different skills than freeway driving, this course is made to reduce the likelihood of accidents and promote safety among drivers

“Our new Urban Driving courses were developed to arm drivers with the information they need to drive safely and effectively when these challenges exist,” said Laura McMillan, vice president of training development at ITI.

The urban training lays out critical points of safely managing the urban driving environment. For each vehicle configuration, the courses provide specific information about urban driving and defensive driving practices, including:

  • Safely handling congested, stop/start traffic
  • Managing turns with larger vehicles
  • Navigating prescribed routes
  • Avoiding avoid issues with other motorists, pedestrians and curbside hazards



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