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Oregon Lawmakers Slam the Brakes on Autonomous Vehicles

| February 15, 2018

autonomous vehicles

Concerned with public safety, legislators from Oregon withdrew a proposal that would have permitted autonomous vehicles on state roads.

The House Transportation Policy committee unanimously voted to substitute an amendment that replaced proposed rules for the autonomous vehicles with a study group. That group would report to the Legislature in the fall.

At the meeting, Legislators questioned the safety of fully autonomous technology on roads. “I do not believe that creating a hostage environment inside a vehicle moving 60 miles an hour is something any of us really want to get to in the long term,” said state Rep. Paul Evans, a Democrat from Monmouth.

Other lawmakers also brought up questions surrounding the security of the technology, and if it could be hacked.

According to the Oregon Department of Transportation, automated vehicles currently fall into a grey area in state law, neither explicitly permitted nor prohibited.


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