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Owl Car Camera Debuts New Features

| July 2, 2018

Owl Car Cam

Owl has announced a new suite of features to add to its video security camera. 

Here’s what’s special: The Owl Car Cam sold out at launch in February, bringing people instant video for their cars and help dealing with crashes, dents, traffic stops and break-ins. The company has increased production and is now shipping new orders immediately.

Owl provides 24/7 video security including:

  • Instant Video of your car, driving and parked
  • Video Alerts for break-ins, dings, and dents
  • Dual HD cameras
  • Live View of your car from anywhere, anytime over LTE

“In the four months since launch, we’ve helped people identify thieves after break-ins, helped innocent victims avoid blame in crashes, and helped to educate drivers by making it easy to capture and share dangerous driving that put lives at risk,” said Andy Hodge, Founder and CEO of Owl.

Owl delivers regular software updates to customers over LTE, new features include:

  • 2 weeks of HD driving video anytime, anywhere over Wifi or LTE.
  • Broken glass detection added to alerts. 
  • In-app rapid sharing of video clips to Twitter, Facebook or YouTube.
  • User-selectable Time Stamp & GPS Overlays

All Owl video is Privacy Locked on the camera and within the Owl app, so video is completely private unless the customer chooses to share footage.

The Owl Car Cam sells as a bundle for $349, which includes 1 year of LTE Instant Video service. The service includes unlimited Video Alerts and 60 minutes of remote making and viewing video per month. After the first year, users can renew 12 months of the Instant Video Service for $99 (or $10 per month) and, should a user ever run out of minutes during a month, 60 more minutes are available to purchase for $5 through the Owl app. Without the Instant Video service, users can still access all their video over a direct Wi-Fi connection.


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