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Public Doesn’t Fully Trust Driverless Vehicles New Survey Shows

| November 15, 2017


A new overview by Intelligent Car Leasing has emphasized that the public does not have full confidence, yet,  in autonomous (driverless) vehicles.

To get a sense of where people are at on the topic, 1,750 British individuals aged 18-65+ were surveyed, resulting in an astounding majority of all respondents revealing that they would not feel safer in a driverless vehicle than a human controlled vehicle.

The exact question which was put to respondents was: What Type of Vehicle Would You Feel Safest Travelling In?

A large majority (just under two thirds) indicated that they would feel safest in a human driven vehicle. Whereas only 1 in 6 stated that they would feel safest in a self-driving vehicle.

Interestingly enough, there was a difference in attitudes based on gender and age.

Here’s what the data showed:

Female respondents had noticeably higher confidence in human driven vehicles than men.

  • Females trust human driven vehicles 10% more than their tech-trusting male counterparts.

In terms of age, respondents over 65 had by far the highest confidence in human driven vehicles.

  • Individuals over 65 are 17% more likely than 18-24 year olds to trust a human driver the most.

Category: General Update, News, Safety

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