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Driver Post-Hire Performance Monitoring Now Available from SambaSafety

| September 12, 2017

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SambaSafety, a leader in cloud-based driver risk management solutions for all industries with commercial and non-commercial drivers, has announced Samba MVRSync, which permits companies to utilize a driver’s pre-hire Motor Vehicle Record (MVR) for post-hire driver monitoring, saving the time and expense of pulling an MVR twice.

MVRSync is a new feature of Samba DriverMonitor®, a subscription-based driver monitoring service that manages all driver data and automatically checks for new violations, DUI/DWI convictions, invalid licenses, and approaching license or medical certification expiration dates.

MVRSync leverages a candidate’s MVR from the pre-hire screening process to establish a driver risk baseline in post-hire monitoring, generating a highly accurate risk profile for a driver on day one without increasing the cost.

Typically, two different departments within a company will pull MVRs, including a pre-hire MVR by someone in HR or recruiting and a post-hire MVR by the risk and safety department or the driver’s manager. With MVRSync, the original pre-hire MVR can be accessed for post-hire driver monitoring.

“Establishing a driver risk profile on day one with an MVR is a critical first step in monitoring and evaluating driver risk and is a common practice for any company that considers driver risk management a priority,” said Rich Lacey, executive vice president, product & engineering at SambaSafety.  “But what has also become a common practice is paying for that MVR twice. We developed MVRSync because pulling a MVR an additional time is an extra expense our customers no longer needed to have.”

More at www.SambaSafety.com

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