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SKILLS Driving.com Joins AlertDriving ADvantage for Web Safety Training

| March 27, 2015

SKILLS Driving.Com Joins AlertDriving ADvantage for Web Safety Training

AlertDriving, a leader in driver risk management, has forged a strategic new partnership with SKILLS Driving, a provider of targeted driver behavior improvement programs.

Under the partnership, SKILLS Driving will gain new marketing tools and support to grow its fleet division through FleetDefense, a customizable driver safety program. FleetDefense currently reports that it has trained more than 1 million drivers in more than 100 languages—all with local content and video.

Headquartered at the Texas Motor Speedway in Fort Worth, SKILLS Driving helps fleets of all sizes improve efficiency and overall safety performance. Just-in-time delivery systems require fast, incident-free fleets to drive profit and still meet requirements.

SKILLS Driving’s approach to training balances safety and efficiency. The group notes that fleets have seen their accident rates and the number of severe accidents drop through SKILLS’ professional, life-saving instruction—delivered by real-world experts—and full consultative support.

Whether fleets employ commercial trucks, medium light duty vehicles or passenger vehicles, SKILLS Driving can customize its solutions to fit a business’s needs, such as acquiring CDL permits, CDL licenses, or on site behind-the-wheel safety training for both CDL and non-CDL licensed drivers.

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