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New Way for Fleets to Identify High-Risk Driving Behaviors

| October 24, 2017


SmartDrive Systems, a leader in video safety and transportation intelligence, has introduced SmartDrive SmartSense, a new line of intelligent driver-assist sensors designed to identify the most dangerous driving risks and intervene with drivers before a catastrophic event occurs.

By combining purpose-built sensors with engine computer data, telematics, accelerometer and SmartDrive analytic data, the company has developed “smart sensors” that deliver new levels of accurate risk identification.
With the benefit of reviewed video and a training database of over 200 million analyzed risky driving events, the sensor algorithms can be rapidly tuned to optimize triggering efficacy and system performance. The first sensor in the suite, SmartSense for Distracted Driving, uses these advanced computer vision-based algorithms, paired with the SmartDrive video analytics platform, to address the epidemic of distracted and inattentive driving.

“Distracted driving accounts for 10 percent of all fatal crashes and 17 percent of all collisions that cause injuries—at a cost of at least $129 billion annually,” stated Steve Mitgang, CEO of SmartDrive. “With SmartSense for Distracted Driving, we’re tackling this issue head-on by delivering an intelligent sensor tuned specifically to this risk. With our video safety program, fleets finally have both a comprehensive view of the frequency, severity and impact of distracted driving, and a solution to an industry epidemic that costs money and lives.”

Instead of relying exclusively on vehicle maneuvers, such as hard braking, aggressive swerving or lane departure to capture driver cell-phone use or other causes of distraction, the SmartSensor interprets driver cues proven to accurately indicate distraction, such as head and eye movements. When the sensor detects distraction, inattention or drowsiness, it triggers a video, which is prioritized and offloaded for immediate verification and intervention, allowing fleets to act quickly.

SmartSense for Distracted Driving operates with the SmartDrive video analytics platform, and includes: inattention triggers that detect when eyes are off the road for a defined time period; infrared sensors to capture distraction even when sunglasses are worn; in-cab alerts when distraction or inattention occurs; as well as, review and risk scoring for video of distraction events.

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