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Shipping Software Provider Pacejet Attracts New Capital

| December 4, 2017


Pacejet, a software platform bringing enterprise business shipping to the cloud, announced that it has closed a new multi-million dollar funding round led by Plymouth Growth Partners of Ann Arbor, Michigan

The new capital is designed to help the company to accelerate its growth strategy and to broaden its outreach to global businesses.

Founded in 2003, the company released a cloud-based shipping software platform for mid-market and larger businesses. While other shipping software platforms focus on small businesses and mostly parcel shipping, Pacejet created a robust platform with real-time integrations between ERP and WMS software.

“Over 80% of online customers are influenced by shipping cost and speed of delivery. What’s unique and powerful about Pacejet is how we help businesses continuously innovate and improve shipping operations so they remain competitive,” said Ron Lee, CTO and CMO. “When businesses have the power of Pacejet integrated into the systems they use for everything else, they can rate-shop to instantly find the best prices and leverage smarter analytics to keep making improvements.”

The company manages millions of shipments for businesses in manufacturing, distribution, e-commerce, and retail. The company is hoping that as more businesses move to cloud-based ERP systems, Pacejet’s formula of parcel and freight in one cloud platform with real-time carrier connectivity and seamless integrations is a great fit for growing businesses.

“We’ve grown the business at 40-50% each of the last three years by working closely with our ERP partners and continuing to launch new innovations with our customers,” said Larry DeLeon, Pacejet President.

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