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Strong Produce Lanes Push Reefer Rate Higher

| May 16, 2018


The number of spot market loads on the DAT network of load boards gained 1.2% and truck posts were up 3.6% during the week ending May 12, which had a moderating effect on rates. The Sring shipping season may be late but it’s here, especially in produce-distribution markets.

– Van: $2.15/mile, down 3 cents week over week
– Flatbed: $2.71/mile, down a penny after a 7-cent increase the previous week
– Reefer: $2.49/mile, up 1 cent
VAN OVERVIEW: Van load posts increased 7% while truck posts increased 3%. That caused the van load-to-truck ratio to increase 3% to 6.4 loads per truck. Many key average outbound rates were weaker:
– Columbus, Ohio: $2.48/mile, down 8 cents. Columbus to Buffalo, an important regional van lane, fell 25 cents to an average of $3.70/mile
– Houston: $2.12/mile, down 2 cents
– Memphis: $2.67/mile, down 1 cents
– Los Angeles: $2.45/mile, up 3 cents
FLATBED OVERVIEW: Nationally, the number of flatbed load posts declined 1% while truck posts increased 8%. That caused the load-to-truck ratio to cool, falling 8% to 102 loads per truck.
REEFER OVERVIEW: Reefer load posts fell 3% while truck posts increased 6%. That caused the national load-to-truck ratio for reefers to decline 8%, from 9.2 to 8.5 loads per truck. The average outbound rate from Miami jumped 25 cents to $3.29/mile, and several lanes showed gains:
– Miami to Baltimore: $3.49/mile, up 24 cents
– Los Angeles to Portland: $3.42/mile, up 15 cents
– Dallas to Houston: $3.03/mile, up 6 cents
– Elizabeth, N.J., to Boston: $4.35/mile, up 11 cents

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