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Swedish Telematics Provider Scores Big in Switzerland

| September 6, 2018
Joakim Lindqvist (left) and Marcus Östergårde

Joakim Lindqvist (left) and Marcus Östergårde

The Swedish telematics company TelliQ has signed a contract with Swisscom, Switzerland’s largest player in telematics. 

The deal is a B2B solution for the Swiss market. The system to be delivered, called autosense, is a fleet management system and it will be able to support large quantities of company-vehicles for the B2B market in Switzerland.

According to Joakim Lindqvist CEO at TelliQ, “We are very pleased with the new deal since it is in line with our international strategy of taking on Europe. The service enables the customer to, in real time, have control over all of the vehicles despite the size of their fleet.”

Over the last year, TelliQ has established their first office abroad in Haag, Holland. They already have customers in the Benelux countries but the goal is to establish TelliQ as an even stronger competitor there and also open up more offices throughout Europe.

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