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Tiger Cool Express Celebrates 5th Anniversary

| September 13, 2018

Tiger Cool truck

Tiger Cool Express, a  leading service provider of temperature control intermodal transportation, operating the second largest domestic refrigerated container fleet in the United States, has just celebrated its fifth anniversary.

Ted Prince, Co-founder and Chief Operating Officer, commented on how the business was conceived. “When we developed the business plan, we really felt the last frontier for intermodal was perishables, specifically produce, because it was a long length of haul and that’s traditionally where intermodal has succeeded.  The perishable market was also favorable to intermodal conversion as it was heavily served by owner-operators, and would be significantly impacted by impending safety regulations.”

The company continues to serve the perishable and produce industry while expanding its service across commercial customers who ship confectionary, beverage, meat, seafood, dairy, processed food, and health and beauty products.

Chief Executive Officer Steve Van Kirk explained, “Tiger Cool Express is an asset-based intermodal provider servicing a growing segment in the transportation industry as the conversion of truckload temperature-controlled freight to intermodal has only just begun. The company has quickly grown from zero to 730 state-of-the-art 53-foot refrigerated containers.  We are committed to delivering great service to our customers as we expand our container fleet.”

Tiger Cool is proud to be among the top 25 refrigerated service providers in the nation.

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