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TMW Launches New Geolocation Pinpointing Feature

| April 16, 2018


TMW, a Trimble brand and leading provider of software, business intelligence and related solutions to the North American transportation, logistics, wholesaling and distribution industries, announced a new feature for its TMW FinalMile DRTrack solution.

The new Points of Interest (POI) feature enables users to identify and save physical locations not associated with an address on a map as POIs in a manner similar to the use of a regular address when assigning and routing orders in DRTrack, a fleet tracking and reporting tool that works with DirectRoute.

The new feature is designed to be a notable time-saver for people who ever need to manually geocode orders. With POI, users will be able to easily add locations when addresses are not available yet, such as a home in a new construction neighborhood. POI is also useful when directions are given instead of an address such as “the destination is 2.3 miles past White Rock Road on Route 5.”

“The Points of Interest feature will be especially beneficial for the construction transportation sector, because their drivers are frequently making deliveries to addresses that don’t exist yet,” said Brian Larwig, vice president and general manager of TMW FinalMile. “The application enables dispatchers to drop a pin on a map, and that location will be saved as a point of interest for future routing and deliveries to that new location.”

New capabilities of the Points of Interest feature include:

  • Update the coordinates for multiple unloaded orders at the same time
  • Drag and drop a pin on a map to save a new location
  • Use longitude and latitude to fine-tune a location
  • Assign POIs to unloaded orders from anywhere in DRTrack
  • Give a unique name to each POI and save it in a library for reuse and refinement

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