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Got Game? TransRoad USA Simulates Building New Transport Company

| August 22, 2017

TransRoad USA

Want to know what it’s like to build your own transport company?  Well, there’s freat news for logistics fans and gamers alike.

Recently, at the gamescom press conference in Cologne, Astragon Entertainment and Deck13 Hamburg unveiled the wordwide release of the upcoming management simulation game, TransRoad USA.

Available in November 2017 for PC and Mac both in retail and as a digital download, TransRoad USA allows players to take the fate of a young transport company into their own hands and – by applying all their management skills and s savvy planning — and turn it into the biggest hauler in the country.

The gamescom trailer offers a further glimpse into the gameplay and game world of TransRoad USA.

This program provides users a risk free simulation to practice or develop logistical skills while enjoying fun and interactive gameplay, and the creators of this game offer an enjoyable way to train for real-world management situations.

So bring it!


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