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New Truck Driver Garmin Navigation Device with Built-in WiFi

| August 25, 2017


GPS leader Garmin has introduced the dēzl™ 580 LMT-S, what the company describes as “the only truck navigator on the market that offers easy break planning, built-in Wi-Fi for seamless updates, live services, and a full suite of smart solutions to assist truckers on every route.”

It features an easy-to-read 5.0-inch display, customizable truck routing for the size and weight of the load, plus all the truck-specific navigation features found throughout the Garmin dēzl product line – like warnings for upcoming bridge heights and steep grades.

Easy Break Planning is now possible thanks to timely break planning notifications with suggestions for upcoming truck stops, weigh stations, rest areas, and more. When truck drivers wirelessly connect the dēzl 580 LMT-S to the new Garmin eLog™ compliant ELD, important Hours of Service can be seen on the navigator’s display.

When wirelessly connected to a smartphone, the device receives real-time data including live traffic, weather forecasts, text messages and calendar reminders. These features, combined with voice-activation and hands-free calling with the navigator’s amplified speakers allows drivers to control the GPS while their hands remain on the steering wheel.

The device even has precision tracking, which allows for business owners and dispatchers to track driver’s routes to completion in real time.

The Garmin dēzl 580 LMT-S will hit the road and help to streamline fleet services in September of 2017.

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