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United Bus Technology Launches ELD Compliance Tool

| May 8, 2018

United Bus Technology

United Bus Technology, Inc (UBT), a leading IT solution provider in the motorcoach and trucking industries, unveiled the newest addition to its product line, the ELD system, SHIELD.

“The new ELD mandate also presents a challenge and opportunity for us,” said Timothy Wilson, the executive vice president of United Bus Technology. “Unlike other ELD vendors who rushed to be first on the market, UBT wants to do things right. We understand the pain and struggles of drivers and operators when facing the new regulations, so we hold on our marketing to focus more on core technology, reliability, and ease of use.”

The new ELD solution, SHIELD, was developed by UBT to facilitate the ELD compliance. With a design based on data, feedback, and reviews from drivers and operators using the ELDs from UBT and other major vendors. SHIELD offers an experience engineered to be simple to use, reliable, and time- and cost-efficient.

“SHIELD is created with the driver in mind first. We want to be a SHIELD for operators to get behind. We are looking to be their knight in shining armor, to protect them and make their jobs easier and more efficient than ever,” Wilson said. ”

SHIELD was officially introduced at the 2018 UMA and ABA Fly-In Dinner sponsored by UBT in Washington, DC. UBT was joined by leaders from the motorcoach industry from across the nation, including UMA President Stacy Tetschner and ABA President Peter J. Pantuso.


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