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Univ. of Chicago Start-up Enters Driver Hiring Field

| May 8, 2017

Driver getting in truck

Enlistics, a University of Chicago startup that builds software tools for the trucking industry, has launched Enlistics:Apply, a mobile-ready FMCSA-compliant application management system for the trucking industry.

The product seeks to help the trucking companies solve one of their most serious problems: Efficient driver hiring.

With traditional processes, driver applicants must undergo several background and previous employer verification checks before being hired, and in the meantime, find other opportunities. And employers have to invest in expensive recruiters to keep applicants interested in the position while the process completes. Enlistics:Apply is designed to shave days off this process.

Enlistics:Apply collects online applications, qualifies candidates and identifies success all in one place. The platform provides a one-click career portal and online employment application for trucking companies to list their jobs. Most companies combine their job portals with Craigslist or CareerBuilder postings to allow applicants to fill out complete, DOT-compliant applications directly in their web browser.

“We realized that getting DOT-compliant signatures for consent forms was a major roadblock for most companies,” said Enlistics founder and CEO Austen Mance. “Most require applicants to fax or mail signed forms, or apply in person. Companies were losing good drivers because hiring was just taking too long; they had signed with competitors in the meantime.”

The platform follows the launch of Enlistics: Dealerships and Enlistics:Trucking. It provides automatically-filled and digitally signed PSP and MVR authorization forms, printable with one click. With the trucking platform, the driver employment application software is in use while Enlistics continues to build more workload-lightening features, including software that helps predict the future success and reliability of applicants.

The offering is sold at a flat $39 per month via a month-to-month subscription with no minimum contract length.

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