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US 1 Network Taps Truckstop.com Payment Platform

| June 20, 2018

US 1 Network

Truckstop.com, leader in transportation technology and load board solutions, has announced that US 1 Network, a leading transportation brokerage, has adopted LoadPay as its singular payment method for carriers.

“The supply chain environment is changing rapidly and brokers are facing increasing pressure to compete,” says Paris Cole, CEO at Truckstop.com. “New regulations, tight capacity and increasing needs of shippers are driving brokers to look at new technology like LoadPay to help them improve efficiency.”

As a brokerage that continuously looks for ways to add value to their large Agent network, US 1 Network saw an opportunity to improve their payments process with LoadPay. LoadPay decreases brokers’ and shippers’ days to pay and in turn, improves Agents’ relationships with their freight partners. LoadPay, with multiple quick-pay options such as same day ACH, next day ACH, wire transfer, and fuel card gives carriers a way to easily manage their cash flow while enabling US 1 to eliminate paper checks, ACH fees and wire fees.

“We have a large Agent network and our focus is enabling our Agents to concentrate on moving freight and not managing the administrative details,” said Mark Chandler, Director of Business Development at US 1 Network. “That’s what made LoadPay so attractive. It gave us a turn-key payment solution that not only helps our Agents retain quality carriers but also streamlines our entire payment process.”


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