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Vehicle Repair Business Hopes to Re-shape Auto Servicing Business

| November 9, 2017

Vehicle Repair

An Uber or Lyft style of approach to the vehicle repair business is shaping up with a company known as  CarFix, which seeks to created a transactional maintenance, and vehicle repair platform for the $1.8 trillion vehicle lifecycle industry.

It is currently seeking funding and hops that “the result will be Vehicle Lifecycle Blockchain that will usher many vehicle life-cycle industry players such as vehicle manufacturers, dealers, repair shops, insurance companies, spare parts distributors and others into a new era.”

Proceeds from the funding will be used to “develop and implement a blockchain platform for the vehicle lifecycle industry to bring transparency and immutability to everything that happens to a car from the moment it comes off the factory floor and to the moment it is recycled in the junkyard.”

Here’s the setup:  The company challenges the industry to “imagine a world where a regular maintenance job is purged of oppressive bureaucracy and dishonesty amongst vehicle repair shop owners, a common disconnect caused by limited knowledge of the average consumer about his car.” When customers use the VLB token for auto repairs all these fees are avoided, because CarFix has created a transactional software platform and an ecosystem of repair shops, spare parts suppliers and dealers where any repair job is priced via a transparent algorithm instantaneously and can be booked much the same way you book hotel rooms.

By implementing a software that establishes fixed prices for all vehicle repairs, the CarFix ecosystem currently reports that it “encompasses over 500 repair shops, 10 of the largest spare parts distributors, major dealerships, and over 250,000 users of which 50,000 are regular paying customers.”

Here’s how it works: Users are given fixed prices for regular maintenance, through the following steps:

  1. The client provides his/her car model, VIN number or license plate number, contact information and desired time and location.
  2. VLB takes this data and instantly offers the client the three best repairs shops in his/her selected location.
  3. The VLB software then selects the required spare parts based on statistical data and manufacturer recommendation.
  4. After determining the required labor hours, VLB determines the prices and arranges all relevant appointment scheduling and deliveries.
  5. The customer gets his/her car repaired or, first, objectively diagnosed and then repaired with full transparency!

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