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Washington Area Metro Tests Station of the Future

| April 12, 2013

Washington Metro Future StationWashington Metro has just unveiled plans for a potential future station concepts, the first of which would be at Bethesda Station.

As part of its strategic plan, called “Momentum,” the model station will enable Metro to test several design concepts in a single station, with improved lighting, better information and improved customer convenience.

Washington Metro ConceptAs an underground station with a center platform design, Bethesda represents the hardest type of station to illuminate, making it an ideal location for the “model station” pilot.

Some of the concepts being considered include:

  • High-output light fixtures to direct light to the vault ceiling.
  • A new, anti-slip zone located at the bottom of the entrance escalators to serve as a transition between the escalators and station tiles.
  • A new information wall enclosing mezzanine equipment including fare machines, ATMs, maps and digital screens.
  • A stainless steel and light gray interior to replace “Metro brown.”
  • A new, thinner kiosk with digital panels for service information and new fare gates with next-generation technology for faster entry and exit.
  • New, redesigned, taller pylons with wayfinding signage, real-time arrival information and additional lighting located on four wings extending from the top of each pylon.

WAMATA Logo“I want to extend my sincere appreciation to Metro for selecting Bethesda as the pilot for its station environment improvement program,” said Montgomery County Executive Isiah Leggett. “Bethesda has the one of the highest daily riderships of any Metro station in Montgomery County along the oldest Metro line, and it is showing its age. As the gateway to Bethesda, one of the most important economic engines for the state of Maryland, this project will ensure that this critical Metro station continues to function well and present a favorable and attractive experience for all riders.”

“Being chosen for Metro’s model station pilot program is welcome news for the Bethesda community,” said Montgomery County Councilmember Roger Berliner. “As the economic engine of Montgomery County, Bethesda is a gateway station for many transit riders. I am so grateful to General Manager Sarles and the WMATA Board for recognizing the value of the Bethesda Station to the Metro network and the economic vitality of our county. We all look forward to seeing the new and improved Metro station.”

“The National Capital Region is growing at an accelerated rate,” said Metro’s General Manager and CEO, Richard Sarles. “It is imperative that we do everything we can to keep up with that growth — and that means testing future concepts today — so that we are ready to meet the challenges of tomorrow.”


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